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Come To Mace Meadow Where the Skies are Clear and Sunny

Sun-filled days and positive posts define Mace Meadow. I love to travel – and sometimes because I can’t get away, I do so “virtually,” and look for good stuff happening around the country that most people aren’t likely to see since it’s covered so much by negativity. I would like to begin by sharing something with you that I hope will give you a warm feeling.

So, today, I journeyed to the Maine (US) coast, and saw a wonderful story from Saturday, August 5, 2017, about a guy named Rob Gomez who was about to cross the finish line as the winner in the TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10K running race, because the front runner, Jesse Orach had collapsed from heat stroke. If Gomez crossed the line first, he’d win $1,000 for first place.

But, because most people on this planet are good, kind, and wonderful, that’s not what happened. Instead of going for the win, Gomez stopped, and lifted Orach to his feet, and personally helped him get to the finish line – and then literally pushed him over it to ensure that Orach would win. 🙂

Now THAT gives me a feeling of happiness. Here’s a quick vid of the story.